Wicca is a nature-based religion. It stresses living in harmony with all creatures and the earth. It honors a Goddess and God that is contained in all nature and in ourselves. The Goddess and God are an aid for Wiccans to focus inner power and the power that is found in all of nature. Wicca is practiced in a group (coven or grove) or solitary. Our only rule is "An it harm none, do as ye will". Wicca is based on the concept of natural and essential equilibrium. Everything is part of the delicate balance of Light and Dark, day and night, good and bad, male and female. Even the God and Goddess are creators and destroyers. They give life nurture it and eventually take it away. This cycle is seen in the seasons and in the cycle of the moon. We do not believe Wicca is the only valid religion, nor do we try to convert people. It is an open minded path with many traditions. We are not Satanists, in fact we do not believe in Satan or even in hell.

It is based on pre-Christian European folklore and mythology. Wicca is the alternative name for modern Witchcraft. It is related to the ancient Mother Goddesses (Mother Earth, Mother Nature) in her aspects of Maiden, Mother and Crone.It dates from the paleolithic age when a god of hunting and a goddess of fertility were worshiped. The power of nature inspired the belief in higher powers that controlled rain, wind, thunder, fire etc.Women made life, and that was magickal.

The word wicca is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning "wise". Also used is the feminine wicce. Wicca takes a lot of learning and practise...

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