A Book of Shadows (BoS), or it is known as a Grimiore, is a personal book compiled and used by Witch's and Wiccan's. This website is put together like a Book of Shadows, it contains info that would be put into a BoS. On this website you will see some things that look out of place or some pages that you think would go under a different section. For example you might see an invocation in the poems section, or a ritual in the spells section, or a sachet in the charms section. This is because I feel that, that is where that page goes. The best thing about a BoS is that it's personal.

This website, I consider my personal BoS because it contains info that I would include in my BoS. I have a hand written BoS, that I compiled for myself a few years ago, but I don't use it. This is probably because I found that I like to add things to my computer rather than to my BoS. There are personal experiences of mine on this site, poetry, essays, graphics and more that I have written and made. These personal items that I have integrated into this site, make this a very personal website.