And these are the words of Cernunnos, Herne, Atho, Beli, the voice of the Horned One, He whose names are un-numbered:

I am the wild hunter of the forest deep
And I am the fire upon the hill
And I am the sower of the seed
And the tiller of the soil of the earth.

And I am the goldern warrior
Whose arrows are the shafts from the sun
The thunder is my hoof fall
The wilderness my shrine.

I weild the oaken staff
The elements at my call
By day am the sun
by night I ride upon the wild winds.

I am a stag, a tree and mountain
My seed within the earth's dark womb
For I am the Horned One;
Sire of the Universe
Love and Consort of the Goddes am I

In the wilderness doth my spirit dwell
And all wildlings
And fugitives of oppression
Are cherished within my heart.

To such as thee, my hidden children
Am I provider and protector
For all things wild and free
are in my keeping

And all things of beauty and freedom and love
Are joy unto my spirit;
Swiftly I come to meeriment and laughter
for these are my invocations

For I am the Lord of all life
Yet also I have a dark face
For I am Death. The Reaper of Souls.
And terrible is this my dark face
To those who know not the mystery.

Yet to my hidden children
Who know and love my spirit
My dark face is also sweet
For tis the face of deep and hiden wisdom.

For I am the giver of knwoledge
Life and death are mine to give
From death thou shalt be reborn
Unto new life and love.
Therefor seek my spirit and know me
Bright and dark
Then shalt thou know my mystery

For I am the Ancient One:
My faces outnumer the stars
I am the Horned One of un-numbered names
I am the gentle and the fierce.

I am Cernunnos, Herne, Atho, Belie,
Haro, Crom, the Ancient One
Lord and Sire of the Universe All

Author Unknown