'Hear My words and My dance of Life,
sing My song of joyous Existance
and chant My dirge of Death and Transformation,

For I am Pan, Herne, Dionysus, Osiris,
Gwyn Ap, Neith, Zeus, Shiva, Cernunnos,
and all the faces of the God,
and I am All and Nothing in the arms of My Love.

I am the Phallus of LIfe and the See
planted in the depths of death to nurture
and comfort with my growth,
dying and reborn through the seasons of the Mother;
I am the Horns of Power on the brows of the Wise.

Through veils and shadows I hunt and I guard:
Lord of the Wild Hunt and Keeper of the Silent Peace;
see My face all around you and know the joys
of orgasm and death,
transformed and reborn in the Cauldron of Dreams.

My rites are of lust and joy and ecstasy.
Let the psyche be rendered
and let the universe be detroyed at the climax of your rites,
that they may be reformed in love and laughter.

Be strong, joyous,
passionate, tender, wise and humble,
and you will grow in Spirit.

Stand with Me on the Earth and look around you,
you are a child of all about you,
and you must nurture eachother,
that I may grow in you and whisper My song through you
down the winds of changing seasons.

by David Rankine