Circle of Mist

To Cast:

Do your altar devotion, and ground and center.

Place a large flat stone in the middle of the room. Place the bottle exactly in the center. Put all the tools for the working you have planned in the center of the stone, around the bottle. Place one illuminator candle beside the stone.

Sit in front of the stone and hold the open bottle in both hands. Imagine it collecting the needed energy from the Universe to create a secure, harmonious circle. When you feel the bottle is full, cap it.

Place the bottle back on the stone and stand up.

Uncap the bottle and speak the following words of conjuration while guiding the mists from the bottle. Envision the mists cutting the circle in a clockwise direction.

Mists of North, East, South, and West
rise with haste per my bequest,
thrice circle round, in and out
from the bottle out the spout.

Surround me now in harmony,
fire and sky, land and sea.
Ancient Ones of lineage old
bring spirit strong, and circle hold.

As above, so below
this circle is sealed.

To Take Down:

When you are done with your working, set the bottle in the middle of the floor, say the following, and envision the mists returning to the bottle in a counterclockwise direction. Cork the bottle after the closing is said.

Mists of West, South, East, and North
return with ease as i called you forth
one circle round, up and out
Back into the bottle, down through the spout.

Leave me now in harmony
fire and sky, land and sea.
Ancient ones of lineage old
farewell to thee, back to the fold.

by Silver RavenWolf