Happy Hatchday!

Hatchday Blessings Dana,

The Witches Voice would like to wish you a very special happy birthday and celebrate the glory of you turning 23 years young (this incarnation).

As a Aquarius this is your time of year and a glorious one at that. Wren offers her thoughts on your sun sign!

AQUARIUS: Very positive and intuitive, Good mind and organizational skills. Never forgets a face or a name. Relates to others through logic and reason. Do not try appeal to this person's emotions as this will only cause them to become irritated. Always sizing people up to see what makes them tick as discord and chaos leave them feeling emotionally drained. Can be chatty, but not about their own inner feelings which can be very deep indeed-and best left for them to deal with in their own way. Very visually oriented and has a flair for color.

YOUR DAY IN HISTORY: The History Channel online profiles YOUR Date of birth: http://www.historychannel.com/tdih/ ... Here you will find important events in history, famous people born on this day as well as top charting songs.

So, on behalf of the entire staff of the Witches' Voice, hear us sing...

Blessed Birthday Dana
Blessed Birthday To YOU!

It is our projection that this day be full of everything that makes up your most powerful reflections. Do something special for yourself and take advantage of this day to reflect on the exciting future you have just ahead.

May the Love of the Great ones be with your spirit throughout the year,

Wren, Fritz, Peg, Dio, Christina, Darragh and Steve
The Witches' Voice