My Card

Magickal Name:

Nick Names:
Jude, Booda, Dana

Email Address:

Panther (Black Leopard), Gray Wolf, Red-Tailed Hawk

Shifting Ability:
Mental (meditation, trance, spontaneous) and Dream

Solitary and Group, Eclectic Wicca

February 7, 1980

New York, United States

Home Territory:
A very small town called Wolcott

Dream Territory:
Where ever my dreams take me

Physical Description (Human):
Female, 5', 97 lbs, Short dark brown hair, Green/Hazel colored eyes

Physical Description (Were sides):
Pure black leopard with bright blue eyes, grey wolf with a hint of brown mixed in.. tan eyes, red feathered hawk with yellow eyes.

Reading, making websites, poetry, artwork, drawing, collecting knives, books and coins.

Favorite Movies:
Cruel Intentions, The Craft, Practical Magic, American WereWolf in Paris, Shrek.

Favorite Literature:
The unusual and different see below for Authors.

Favorite Authors:
Christine Feehan, Anne Rice, Laurell K. Hamilton, Raymond Buckland, Silver RavenWolf, Scott Cunningham, Amanda Ashley, Susan Krinard. for a complete list of books I own go to: Dana's Book List This list is classified by Were, Vamp, Wiccan etc..

Favorite Art:
Anything by Dorian Clevenger

Favorite Song/Band:

Favorite Season:
Summer, Spring, and Fall.. in that order..

Favorite Holiday:

Preferred Prey:
Deer and chicken.

Hunting Tips:
Go for the throat.