Ramblings of a Snake


Darkness dwells deep within,
Like a kitty purring,
An hour deep, an hour dark,
This is where we'll leave our mark.
Purring, purring kitty, Diana Di Ditty.

Moonshine bright, Moonshine light
Gods this darkness is too tight.
Stars above and stars below,
Down the little magick hole.

Deep within, the darkness dwells
hungry like a lion's tale.
Stomycome and Stormy dark
The kitty's left her little mark.

Magick is here, Magick is there,
Magick is everywhere,
Blackened moon, pretty tune.
Headaches come and headaches go,
Head right down into the snow.

Midnight madness, growing, growing,
Leave, without knowing.
Work is hot and work is cold,
Put me back in the hole.

Deep within this darkened night,
Kids give way to Halloween fright.
Leave us now it's time to fight.

Darkness comes and coolness blows,
back down into the little hole.
Thirsty, yes, that I am.
Where's that damned drink for me!

Darkness comes and darkness goes,
Little do they really know.
Deep within the darkness dwells.

Twinkly, twinkly, little star,
Down the hole is where you are.

Darkness comes and darkness grows,
With this Midnight Sun, who knows?

Twisted little paths we walk,
On a whitened line of chalk.

Blue and Yellow Spirits fly,
Around the darkened, midnight sky.

Yowling, Howling,
Therianthropy moon,
lying in this gloomy room.

Twisted paths that we all lead,
Where is that special mead?

Heat and water, Moon and shine,
My aren't we all flying high.

Dolly, where are you, my friend,
Deep within that tiny pen.

Buzzing Bee, Merry Meet.
Aren't we just a little treat.

© Dana (Huntress of the Dark)