Journey to the Underworld


This is the results of a Shamanic Journey to the Underworld that I had.
I dived deeply into the pond that rests beneath the local waterfalls and I went down into a very long tunnel under the water. As I surfaced from the tunnel, I was in the middle of a woods, a very empty, very dark woods, as I looked around I saw a cave, I enetered the cave.

There was wolf in the cave, but he was of no interest to me so I went on a little farther, then I came upon fork in the cave and I took the left one and went on further.

As I came out of the cave I entered into another clearing. In this clearing I saw a pack of wolves formed into a circle, a leopard in a tree, and a black leopard laying upon the ground who called herself Jaqueline. I tried to enter into the circle of wolves but they told me that I couldn't enter, that I was to continue on.

As I walked farther along I noticed rabbits here and there, and eagles flying in the purple sky that held a blood red sun. As I went down a pathway, I noticed a small hut with a single door and a single window, but decided not to enter the hut, I instead went around to the back of the hut where I found a circle of horse circling around a fire, I enntered into the circle of horses and heard them chanting "jump in", "jump in", but I wasn't ready to jump into the fire so they allowed me to leave the circle of horses.

Upon leaving the circle of horses I saw a stone circle with two wolves, one black and one silver, they parted to let me pass into the circle of stones, as I entered into the circle of stones I looked up and this huge silver eagle picked me up and flew me back to the beginning where the circle of wolves were.

When I was put back upon the ground I walked over to the black leopard named Jaqueline, She told me to follow her, and I asked if it was all right, in answer she repeated for me to follow her, so I did. I followed her and I saw a unicorn and a white stag standing together, I continued to follow her, holding onto the tip of her tail and we came upon a pyramid surrounded by a stone circle that opened to a door, then I heard the drumming which signaled to me that it was time to go back to the surface, so I yelled to Jaqueline that I had to go.

© Dana (Huntress of the Dark)