Journey to the Underworld (continued)


This is the continuation of the results of a Shamanic Journey to the Underworld that I had.
I met back up with Jaqueline and as I followed her, my hand holding onto her tail, I asked her if she was my power animal and as an answer I merged with her, I became a part of her. We sat down and proceeded to clean ourselves, our attitude that of a prissy queen.

Then we rose and entered into the pyramid, walking down a very long hall. The hall looked like a hall that would be in castle. We reached the end of the hallway and jumped up onto a throne and hit a switch, the throne turned around and we were in a cave, we got off from the throne and walked still further and we called out the name Arthur, I had no idea who Arthur was, we came into an even bigger cave and we saw a huge grey wolf, with a few wolf cubs running around him, playing, and Jaqueline says to the wolf "Arthur meet Judy", and suddenly I was standing next to them.

I asked Arthur if he was my power animal and ge said that he was one of them. Then I jumped onto his back and he said "let me show you something", and we ran back to the circle of wolves that we're in the beginning.

Arthur stopped in front of the wolf pack and told them that I was one of them. A wolf stepped out of the pack and demanded that we prove it, so I merged with Arthur and we fought with the wolf, we didnt hurt the wolf, but we did win. So the pack then accepted me as a part of the pack. Arthur and I ran with the pack following, and Jaqueline bringing up the rear. We went to the beach and played for awhile in the water.

© Dana (Huntress of the Dark)