My First Upperworld Journey


I went and climbed up the big maple tree in my front yard, I climbed and climbed, then anout halfway there the maple tree turned into a morning glory plant, I continued to climb up in spirals, up and up for what seemed like forever. Then, finally, the morning glory entwined with tree limbs, I climbed up that and as I climbed I could feel the pressure on my body and my ears felt clogged and I still kept climbing. Finally I came out on top of a grassy land and I saw silver everywhere, everything was shining, but I didn't really see any houses. Then, this beautiful Indian girl dresses in a deerskin shirt and a flowered skirt appeared before me, she told me her name was Tatiana and I said hello.

I continued on because I wanted to explore, I came upon a crystal clear, silver pool, like a little pond, surrounded by rose and crystal quartz, as I was staring at my reflection in the pool, a woman rose from the pool, she appeared to be Indian, she looked like Tatiana, but she was dressed differently. She was dressed in silver this time, as I was looking at her she told me that her name was Tatiana, then I heard the frum beat calling me back so I had to return.

© Dana (Huntress of the Dark)