When we cast a certain type spell,
Before we do and hear me well.
We must ponder if it's right,
Or in our hurt it comes from Strife.
Are we casting for selfish reasons,
Or, just because it is the season?
Are we helping one to terms,
Or do we just want someone to squirm?
Should we all take up and fight.
In your heart, you know that isn't right.
So cast your spell and do it well.
Give it some thought on Ethics this day,
And you will do it the moral and principal way.
What is moral, some of you might ask,
Trust our Goddess and step up to the task.
We may not always speak little and listen Much.
We cannot always abide in perfect love or perfect Trust.
But follow what is true in our hearts we must.
Keep true to your oaths,
Never give into A boast,
And to the Moon give up a toast.
Let all spells be spoke in rhyme,
To bind our truths through out history and time.
More then anything, to thy own self be true.
This is something we often forget to do.

By Dea Miller, Copyright 1999