A Simple Love Spell

1 pink candle
rose petals
a heat proof bowl
a lighter or matches
a piece of paper
a pen or pencil
a small pouch to put things into

Cast a simple circle, you may wish to invoke Aphrodite to help you carry out your wish. Light the candle to symbolize you're lighting up your life with love. Write on the piece of paper the qualities you are looking for in a mate/friend etc. If you are just looking to draw loving energy to you write down what type of energy you'd like to draw such as the love of friends. As you're writing this picture yourself surrounded by a pink circle of energy, feel this energy drawing closer you, drawing it into yourself. Now when you have completed your list, burn the paper and place it into the heat proof dish, as it burns chant something like this (as always you are more than willing to make up your own chant etc.):

Aphrodite, Goddess of Love
Bring to me, by the Moon Above
This that i wish most,
The Energy of Love.

When the paper has burned completely down and the ashes have cooled, poor the ashes into the pouch along with the cinnamon and rose petals. Also place into the pouch some of the cooled, melted wax from the pink candle. Carry this charm bag or leave it where you will see it at least 3 times a day (hanging from the mirror of your car), keep it until you feel that your Love wish has come true, then bury it to seal the wish into the earth.

© Dana (Huntress of the Dark)