Before Meal Blessing
Morning Blessing
Hallow's Blessing
The Blessing of Pan


A Bowhunter's Prayer to Diana
A Bedtime Prayer
A Morning Prayer
Another Morning Prayer
An Evening Prayer
A Prayer Before Meals
Another Prayer Before Meals
A Third Prayer Before Meals
A Prayer Before Sleep
Prayer to the Horned God


Invocation to Pan
Invocation to the Goddess
An Invocation to the God
An Invocation to the Goddess
Isis Invocation
God Invocation
Goddess Invocation
Invocation of Cerridwen
Invocation of Cernnunos
Invocation of the Goddess
Invocation of the God
Invocation of the Moon Goddess
Invocation of the Horned God
Dark Goddess Invocation
Invocation of the Elements
Invocation Before Sleep
Call to the God
Beginning Circle Invocation
Circle Invocation to the Elements