Affirmative Chant to Balance the Physical and Spiritual
Chat for Properly Functioning CD-ROM
Chant for Properly Functioning Printer
Chant for Properly Functioning Scanner
Fax/Modem Protection Chant
The Circle is Open
Isis, Astarte
Hecate, Cerridwen
The God Chant
I am a Strong Woman
I am a Strong Man
We are an Old People
Cauldron of Changes
Circle Round the Fire
We are a Circle
We all come from The Goddess
Hoof and Horn
We are the Flow
Earth My Body
Air I am
Elemental Chants
Earth Site
Work The Magick
Power Cone
Evening Chant to the Goddess
Evening Chant to the God
A Cleansing Chant
Fire of Freedom
Born of Water
The River
Ancient Mother
Mother Goddess
Maiden Mother Crone In Me
I am a Circle
She Touches Me
Grandmother Spider Woman
A Short Chant For Help
Goddess Chant
New Moon Chant to Diana
New Moon Chant
Sunrise Chant
Holy Well
Great Mystery