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If you use my websets please include the links provided.
If you would like any extra buttons for the webset
that are not included with the set, feel free to email me with:

The Webset Name
What you want on the buttons or headers.
Your email address you want them sent to.

Please read the Terms of Use below.

Moonlit Magic Happy Easter! Sabre Tooth

Terms of Use

These websets are linkware only.

These sets may not be altered in any way..
that includes resizing, cutting, mixing
with other sets, etc.

You don't have to use everything in the
sets, but no part of the set may be used
with any other background set.

The sets may not be used as stationery in emails.

All logos must appear on the same page that the graphics appear.

Please link back to:

Dark Midnight Designs

Please do NOT link directly to the
graphics on this site.

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