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Most of the poetry on this page is of a violent and/or sexual nature. These are not recommended for reading by anyone under the age of maturity, in NY that would be 18. The creator of this site and the writer of these poems are Not responsible for views, opinions, and or actions at the outcome of reading these.

Blood and Wine
I Killed You Once
The Art of Death
Down a Lonely Road
House of the Dead
Island of Devils
Last Breath
Blood Count
I Died When I Killed You
Road Crossing
Red Wine
Graveyard of Refusal
The Bloody Limelight
With Death We Dance
Oh How Ruby Are Your Lips
Running From The Night
Edge of the Highway
The Unseen
Chaotic Dismemberment
Death Walks By
Doomed to Die
House of Nightmares
Blade of the Knife
Run for Your Life
Dark Princess
Not The Raven
Forever Kiss
Garden of Eden
Beneath the Stepping Stones of Life
The Haunted Mansion of my Mind

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